Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Black Panther


Awards season is all above glitz, glamour and small statues. This year, the folks at Film Inquiry decided they wanted in on the action. We all met at an undisclosed location in our finest formalwear to put forth nominations in the same categories used in the Academy Awards (some people

RIFT: Strangers By The Mountain

The accomplished acting, stunning cinematography, and solid direction keeps Rift constantly engaging and steeped with talent, absolving it of its genre short-comings.

Interview With Brandon Christensen, Director Of STILL/BORN

Still/Born is able to successfully convey its material in large part due to the powerful performance of Christie Burke. We were able to speak with Brandon Christensen, director of the horror film Still/Born, which premiered on February 8th!

Berlinale 2018, Days 3 & 4: Provocation Reigns Supreme

Gus Edgar is covering the Berlinale 2018 and in this overview, offers quick reviews of Isle of Dogs, Tower. A Bright Day. and Damsel.

TULLY Trailer

In Tully, The Young Adult gang is back together, but there's no room for Charlize Theron to have delusions of youth with three kids running around.

DAMSEL: Robert Pattinson Shines In An Aimless Western Parody

With Damsel, the Zellner brothers take a whimsy and a flippant attitude towards the grit of the modern Western. Their approach is admirable and considerably original, but ultimately a failure.


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