Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Doc/Fest 10: A NORTHERN SOUL: A Working Class Hero Is Something To See (& Interview With Filmmaker Sean McAllister)

Musanna Ahmed attended this year's Sheffield Doc/Fest and shares his review for A Northern Soul and his interview with director Sean McAllister.

Guest author Brooke Whipple analyzes the representation of gender in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and how it foreshadows humanity's destruction.

Interview With Sophie Skelton, Star Of 211

We spoke with Sophie Skelton about her new film, 211, what it's like working with a veteran like Nicolas Cage, and also what fans can expect from season four of Outlander.

THE COLOR OF POMEGRANATES: A Film That Found Beauty Everywhere

The Color of Pomegranates offers an experience of careful, questioning celebration that combines appreciation of artistic beauty with cognizance of worldly suffering.

SUPERFLY: Convoluted Gangster Remake Lacks Genuine Style

Despite a strong cast and scattered moments of inspiration, Superfly is sorely lacking in consistency on both a visual and narrative level.

JUST BETWEEN US: A Tale Of Two Sisters

Much like a drive along Australia's expansive coastal roads, Just Between Us is a breezy, casual ride that doubles as a nice nature documentary on the sunny side of Australia.


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