Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Guillermo Del Toro: The Faun From The Armoire (The Early Years: 1964-1993)

Morgaan Sinclair shares an excerpt of her PhD dissertation; on the early years of Guillermo del Toro, what formed and inspired the filmmaker.

The Beginner's Guide: Rob Zombie, Director & Writer

Rob Zombie is one of the more well-known B-horror filmmakers working today, his films a glorification of campy fun and violence.

The Beginner's Guide: German Expressionism

Begun in the years surrounding World War I, German Expressionism brought to the screen a sense of their society's darkness & despair.

The Beginner's Guide: Claire Denis, Director

The characters in her films don't say much, but Claire Denis still manages to create worlds where communication arrives in other forms.

The Beginner's Guide: Lars Von Trier, Writer/Director

Lars von Trier has become infamous for his unabashedly grim and provocative works, yet he is a distinctive and brilliant director as well.

Beginner's Guide: Peter Weir, Director

Australian director Peter Weir is known for his outsider characters triumphing over adversity; here is a rundown of his most famous films.

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