Friday, June 22nd, 2018
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The Beginner's Guide: Coming-of-Age

The Coming-of-Age film typically follows the story of confused, lonely and lost teens searching for their own identity as they weave their way through

The Beginner's Guide: Carl Theodor Dreyer, Director

We delve into the works of Carl Theodor Dreyer, the Danish director that is behind some of the greatest masterpieces in cinema, among them

The Beginner's Guide: Alexander Payne, Director

Alexander Payne's films are diverse yet also share similar directorial trademarks, including the focus on middle-aged, neurotic protagonists, loss of a loved one, existential

The Beginner's Guide: Masaaki Yuasa, Director

Masaaki Yuasa is known for his dynamic anime, which take inspiration from surreal 1960s-70s animation and Golden Age Disney films.

Beginner's Guide: Paul Verhoeven

Paul Verhoeven is a distinguished director in the cinematic world of the past few decades; here is a rundown of his career.

Guillermo Del Toro: The Faun From The Armoire (The Early Years: 1964-1993)

Morgaan Sinclair shares an excerpt of her PhD dissertation; on the early years of Guillermo del Toro, what formed and inspired the filmmaker.

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