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BA in Film from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. MA in English from the University of Sheffield. All-around fun guy who wants to make the world a better, and more interesting, place.

BATMAN RETURNS: The Birth Of Villain Overload

Zac Hestand takes a look back at the comic movie classic Batman Returns and how its overload of villains spawned an industry standard.

Faulknerian Elements In MUDBOUND

Zac Hestand explores how Dee Rees' Mudbound excels as a contemporary successor to the classic work of William Faulkner.

The Beginner's Guide: Coming-of-Age

The Coming-of-Age film typically follows the story of confused, lonely and lost teens searching for their own identity as they weave their way through

Screenplays With Unconventional Connections

The screenplays of A History of Violence and Rambo: First Blood share similarities in their stories, such as centering on violent men who are

The Successes And Failures In Adapting I AM LEGEND

Richard Matheson's 1954 novel I Am Legend has been adapted to the screen three times- but have any of the cinematic adaptations effectively translated

Are All Sequels Created Equal? Six Levels Of Sequel Hell

From box office cash-ins to long gestating labors of love, there are several different types of sequels. Zac Hestand explores which formulas make sequels

Actor's Profile: Sidney Poitier

Sidney Poitier paved the way for African American actors with a string of critically lauded roles in the late fifties and sixties. Here are

FALLING DOWN's Mental Breakdown Structured As Video Game Levels

How is Joel Schumacher's 1993 film Falling Down structured like a video game? Zac Hestand gives us his breakdown.

GREMLINS: Christmas Gifts Gone Awry

Gremlins, an '80s holiday classic, comes mainly from two influences: old-fashioned sci-fi/horror and the Looney Tunes.

The Santa Clause: Holiday Movies At Their Worst

The Santa Clause isn't the festive classic you remember - it's a soulless comedy that doesn't even understand the meaning of Christmas.