Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Interview With Sam Keeley, Star Of THE CURED

We had a chance to speak with Sam Keeley, star

Time Crisis: PRIMER

With an intricate and complicated plot but also delving deep


"[It] should be the norm that we’re just casting across the board all kinds of different people, because that’s how our world looks" -

With all its success over the year and its deep political, racial and socio-economical undertones, and Oscars just around the corner, it seemed an

We were able to talk with Neville Pierce, film journalist turned filmmaker, director of the short films Lock In, Ghosted, and Bricks.

We look back to the 2006 Academy Awards when Brokeback Mountain, a groundbreaking film about two homosexual cowboys, was snubbed for Best Picture in

From box office cash-ins to long gestating labors of love, there are several different types of sequels. Zac Hestand explores which formulas make sequels

Awards season is all above glitz, glamour and small statues. This year, the folks at Film Inquiry decided they wanted in on the action.

Still/Born is able to successfully convey its material in large part due to the powerful performance of Christie Burke. We were able to speak

We were able to talk with James Fanizza; writer, director, producer and star of the film Sebastian, now available to rent and buy digitally