Tuesday, June 19th, 2018
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Anarchic Cinema: Dogme 95 & The Emotion And Character Of Film

Matthew Rice explores the Dogme 95 movement, arguing that it shows the boundaries of the human psyche, creativity and sociopolitical climate more effectively than

The Beginner's Guide: Richard Linklater, Director

One of America's most revered American filmmakers, Richard Linklater returns with "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?". Before then, here's our guide to his filmography, from

The Beginner's Guide: Coming-of-Age

The Coming-of-Age film typically follows the story of confused, lonely and lost teens searching for their own identity as they weave their way through

Actor Profile: Natalie Wood

With many facets within her career from the filmography, to her love life, to her untimely death, there's no question that Natalie Wood deserves

The Beginner's Guide: Carl Theodor Dreyer, Director

We delve into the works of Carl Theodor Dreyer, the Danish director that is behind some of the greatest masterpieces in cinema, among them

Actor Profile: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is an actress with many memorable roles through the years; here is a rundown of some of her very best.