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Amanda Mazzillo is a writer with a B.A. in Writing & Linguistics and a minor in Film Studies from Georgia Southern University. She enjoys writing comedy and exploring all forms of media. Her Twitter name is a bad pun: @mazzillofirefox

GAME NIGHT: Creative Comedy with a Memorable Motif

Game Night is a visually memorable comedy, standing out by masterfully blending the absurdity of its comedy and the realistic problems of its central

PAPERBACK: A Poorly Made Film Filled with Unlikable Characters

Paperback is a romantic comedy, which isn't terribly funny or romantic, falling flat because it is trying to make you root for the terrible parts

DESOLATION: Combining Hollywood & Horror With Surprising Results

Desolation is a unique take on a traditional horror movie, bending genre conventions in to a unique (and thoroughly contemporary) nightmare.

FUTURE '38: Building A Unique World From Genre Tropes

Future '38 is a memorable adventure which perfectly reflects our time, as well as reminisces about the films and sensibilities of the past.

THE ONLY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORK: Faux Originality Through Recycled Concepts

The Only Living Boy in New York is a competently directed film pulled down by a mediocre script and relying too heavily on melodrama.

IT HAPPENED IN L.A.: Wit & Realism In The Depiction Of Women

It Happened in L.A. is a refreshingly realistic portrayal of relationships, showing how we chase ideals that are often impossible to fulfill.

CREEP 2: A Comically Engaging Character Study

Creep 2 takes the comedy and emotional performances of its predecessor to create something entirely new and unique.


Alice Trueman's Egg is a beautifully shot and scored comedy, mixing both the relatable and the absurd in a uniquely engaging way.

Actor Profile: Harold Lloyd

Harold Lloyd is among the great silent comedians, and his work, which also spans into talkies, should speak for itself.

DIFFERENT FLOWERS: A Realistic Depiction of Sisterly Love and The Importance of Independence

Equal parts funny and realistic, Different Flowers is a wonderful love letter to the Midwest, and the strength of familial love.