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The one constant is my life has always been film. From my first experience with Star Wars: A New Hope to my frequent childhood viewings of BeetleJuice, I can trace movies through every big (and small) event in my life. I've always been partial to fantasy and sci-fi, but more than anything I love a movie that seduces and devours me. If the story and performances are good enough it can transcend the genre. I'm from a very small town in Maine, but it hasn't stopped me yet! Writing, reading and music share the other areas of my heart, and I love combining two of my favorite things here on Film Inquiry!

THE LODGERS: Promising, But Unfulfilled

The Lodgers never quite meets its potential. This is the kind of Gothic horror mystery that has been done before, better, but that keeps

Interview With Brandon Christensen, Director Of STILL/BORN

Still/Born is able to successfully convey its material in large part due to the powerful performance of Christie Burke. We were able to speak

Interview With Rebecca Hall, Star Of PERMISSION

We were able to talk with the great actress Rebecca Hall, star of the upcoming film Permission, which she also helped produce.

Interview With Lauren Wolkstein, Co-Director Of THE STRANGE ONES

We were able to talk with Lauren Wolkstein, co-director of the thriller The Strange Ones, which is now available on VOD. We talked about

PERMISSION: A Compelling And Fresh Look At Love

Permission manages to explore the intricacies of open relationships in a non-judgemental way, portraying a realistic relationship as far from classic romcom tropes as

MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE: A (Mostly) Fond Farewell

Maze Runner: The Death Cure wraps up the series nicely, and despite any plotholes, it doesn’t completely fall apart. With this genre producing so many

Interview With Director Lin Oeding Of BRAVEN

We had an opportunity to talk with Lin Oeding, director of the upcoming film Braven starring Jason Momoa, about his experiences directing the film

THE COMMUTER: All Too Familiar

Amid the rubble that is The Commuter, there is an entertaining enough film to provide respite during the Winter blues, just don’t expect too

THE STRANGE ONES: Elusive In The Right Way

A provoking film that resonates long after the credits have roles, The Strange Ones is an understated debut, with just enough external beauty and

DEVIL'S GATE: Admirable Pieces, But Short Of A Complete Picture

Devil's Gate frustratingly flirts with greatness- however, director Clay Staub's genre mash-up is too uneven to sustain the entirety of its running time.