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The one constant is my life has always been film. From my first experience with Star Wars: A New Hope to my frequent childhood viewings of BeetleJuice, I can trace movies through every big (and small) event in my life. I've always been partial to fantasy and sci-fi, but more than anything I love a movie that seduces and devours me. If the story and performances are good enough it can transcend the genre. I'm from a very small town in Maine, but it hasn't stopped me yet! Writing, reading and music share the other areas of my heart, and I love combining two of my favorite things here on Film Inquiry!

BRIGHT: A Misguided Magical Disappointment

Bright is a film trying too hard, with an execution that leaves something to be desired. What is good gets smothered under the excess,

MOM AND DAD: Kids, It's No Longer Safe To Go Home

Mom and Dad maintains its absurdity, while not completely abandoning its eerie core, sensitively playing off a very personal, instinctual source of parents defending

Actor Profile: Kate Winslet

Ever since her early 90's debut, Kate Winslet has remained one of Hollywood's best actresses. Here are some of our favourite performances.

BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99: A Smart & Visceral Thrill Ride

Director S. Craig Mahler follows up Bone Tomahawk with Brawl In Cell Block 99, an unflinchingly violent and truly original revenge thriller.

INFINITY BABY: Uniquely Unapologetic

The skillfully obtuse Infinity Baby withdraws from a usual comic routine and commits to its outrageous nature wholeheartedly.

DADDY'S HOME 2: Full On Sappy, Empty On Charm

The heart of Daddy's Home 2 is lost by formulaic tendencies and its overbearing insistence on being funny. It's no future Christmas classic.

GRIDLOCK: Fleeting But Impactful

Gridlock is a short film that manages to be tense, chilling, and gripping, with not a minute of its length wasted.

1922: A Man Unraveled By Guilt

1922 is a movie experience that does its due diligence to fester, just like the body that resides at the center of Wilfred’s shame.

Actor Profile: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is both an A-list star and a character actor who collaborates with the best filmmakers working. Here are some of his best

UNA: Confronting A Painful Past

Expertly performed by the dynamic duo of Rooney Mara and Ben Mendelsohn, Una proves to be a searing - though discomfiting - watch.