Friday, April 20, 2018
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A Baltimore-based film critic and award-winning filmmaker, founder of Heaven’s Fire Films. He has written film critique and theory for FilmSnobbery, CommunitySoul, The Baltimore Examiner, and Men’s Confidence Magazine. Currently writes the dedicated horror film column “Psycho Pompous” for Screen Anarchy, and movie reviews for IONCINEMA, Film Threat, and the Critical Movie Critics.

Anarchic Cinema: Dogme 95 & The Emotion And Character Of Film

Matthew Rice explores the Dogme 95 movement, arguing that it shows the boundaries of the human psyche, creativity and sociopolitical climate more effectively than


Andy Warhol is often considered a pioneer of the "anti-film" or cinematic nihilism, though his films themselves leave much to be desired.

THE PENGUIN COUNTERS: A Persnickety Penguin Story

Although The Penguin Counters showcases a sense of wonderment for its central research expedition, it fails to fully capture the importance of this mission


In our latest entry of Anarchic Cinema, we discuss Nick Zedd's 1979 undiluted cinematic punk rock film They Eat Scum.

Anarchic Cinema: An Introduction To Embracing The Inner Chaos Of Movies

Matthew Roe introduces Anarchic Cinema, the beginning of a new series focusing on the evolution of art from the obvious to the complex.