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ALMOST PARIS Exclusive Clip: Good Morning

This is an exclusive clip of the comedy/drama Almost Paris, directed by Domenica Cameron-Scorsese. Almost Paris is now available on VOD!

In the wake of the mortgage-lending crisis, a former banker returns to his hometown. Faced with those he left behind and the impact of his actions, our hero learns to show up and give back to those he loves in ways that are priceless.

Director: Domenica Cameron-Scorsese
Written by: Wally Marzano-Lesnevich
Cast: Wally Marzano-Lesnevich, Ellie Anderson, Michael Sorvino, Adam LeFevre, Susan Varon, and Adrian Martinez

ALMOST PARIS Exclusive Clip: Good Morning

source: Freestyle Digital Media

Almost Paris

Almost Paris is now available on VOD!

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Enjoy the video!

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