Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Alistair is a 23 year old former journalism student from the sun-soaked city of Leeds, England, who has recently moved down to Cambridge. After spending two decades as "King of the North", it was time for a change and a move down south to work at a local newspaper followed. He has been writing about film since the start of 2014. If you like his writing, his work can also be found on Gay Essential, CutPrintFilm, Cinemole (his Wordpress blog) and over on his Letterboxd and YouTube pages. Because of his work for Film Inquiry, he is also a recognised member of GALECA, the Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Critics' Association.

Beginner's Guide: Ben Wheatley, Director

Director Ben Wheatley is one of the most prolific directors in Britain, always directing with a passion that shows in his finished works.

PERSONAL SHOPPER: A Techno-Gothic Puzzle That Demands Your Attention

Personal Shopper is the rare film that is unclassifiable in terms of genre, refusing to neatly fit in to the preconceptions of a horror

TRESPASS AGAINST US: A Clichéd Countryside Crime Drama

Trespass Against Us is a crime film that, though with talent both in front of and behind the screen, fails to develop beyond cliché

IT'S ONLY THE END OF THE WORLD: Xavier Dolan's First Misfire

Admirably performed, It's Only the End of The World suffers from underwritten characters and a refusal to bring his trademark widescreen scope

THE SALESMAN: Morally Complex & Utterly Engaging

The Salesman is the latest by renowned filmmaker Asghar Farhadi, succeeding as both a political thriller and a tightly-knit character drama.

President Trump: Did American Cinema In 2016 Foreshadow His Rise to Power?

2016 saw a burst of right-wing ideology in mainstream and indie cinema, which, scarily enough, seemed to foreshadow the rise of Donald Trump.

Film Inquiry's Favourite Films Of 2016

2016 was a great year for film. Our Film Inquiry writers submitted their top ten lists, along with their pick for best film of

BE MY CAT - A FILM FOR ANNE: Close To Purr-fect Found-Footage Satire

Be My Cat is a satirical found footage film that manages to poke at the superficial ideologies of filmmaking while also being entertaining.

THE RED TURTLE: A Quietly Profound Animation

Though with no dialogue, The Red Turtle is a profoundly moving work of art, culminating in one of the better animations in recent memory.

BAD SANTA 2: An Awful Movie Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

With little of the humor and spark that made the original a Christmas classic, Bad Santa 2 is a misconstrued disaster for all involved.