Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Amyana Bartley is a screenwriter and producer. Her company, Queen B. Productions, supports filmmakers of all walks, interested in creating thought provoking, moving projects. As her company grows, she will create "real jobs" for any talented artist, in front of and behind the screen, who is passionate about making a difference using the art of film.

REAL ARTISTS: The Future Of Filmmaking?

Real Artists is an Orwellian science fiction short film written, directed, produced & performed by women - a rarity - but it sure delivers.

THE MAN WITH FOUR LEGS: Elegantly Disturbing

With finely tuned performances, The Man With Four Legs is also a visual treat, working within a genre that is often difficult to define.

Interview With JANUARY HYMN Director Katherine Canty: A Lesson In Honesty & Instinct

We spoke with January Hymn director Katherine Canty, discussing sexism in the film industry and the secret of staying honest in your art and


Twenty Twenty-Four is a sci-fi that alerts its audience as to a possible world-ending scenario, though it's not a complete success.

ALMAYER'S FOLLY: A Study In Disappointment

Almayer's Folly is deeply artistic and clearly rooted in Ackerman's vision, but unfortunately due to a lack of characterization, it's hard to sympathize with

JANUARY HYMN: An Odic Tour Of Grief

"Sure, I'll see you again before either of us knows it". It's a sentiment resonating with most of us after the passing of a

POLTERHEIST: Revenge Served Cold, Dead Cold

Straight off a win from the 2016 Drunken Film Festival in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, comes a quirky, well written short. Though bleak and

Are Current Women-Led Films Good Enough?

The past couple years have sparked seemingly, sudden changes in Hollywood. The #OscarsSoWhite trending this year launched a complete member overhaul in the Academy