Friday, February 23, 2018
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It took me a while to discover the wonderful world of cinema, but once I did, everything just fell into place.

Thirst Street may be deficient in the character department but it more than makes up for it with its stylishly vivid visuals.

CINEMA NOVO: Not For Novices

Cinema Novo is an impressionistic documentary about the classic Brazilian movie genre. It's beautiful, but is too hard to grasp for newcomers.

THE WILDE WEDDING: Too Many Characters Spoil The Plot

The Wilde Wedding is host to such a large ensemble that no plot or joke lands, and sadly suffocates the talent of all involved.

RAT FILM: A Singular, Illuminating Look At Baltimore's Social History

Rat Film delves into the history of Baltimore's city planning and the bigotry that has perpetrated on the African-American population.

IS THIS NOW: Bafflingly Bad

Is This Now is a perplexingly bad movie, rife with awkward tonal shifts, poor camerawork, unbelievable acting, and a very unfitting ending.

FALLEN: A Ridiculous, Derivative, Yet Somehow Endearing Mess

Despite a winning performance from Lola Kirke, it looks like Fallen's destiny is to be assigned to the scrapheap of YA movie history.

LIZA, LIZA, SKIES ARE GREY: Inoffensive, Inert, Inconsequential

As a coming-of-age tale, Liza, Liza, Skies Are Grey is inoffensive, as a reminiscence of the Cold War years, it's inert, as a whole

IN THE SHADOW OF WOMEN: Stylish But Slight

In the Shadow of Women is alluring in its presentation, but ultimately doesn't have much to say about infidelity and relationships.

AFTER LOVE: A Devastating Dissection Of A Marriage's End

After Love thrusts you into the middle of a domestic war zone. Thanks to the claustrophobia and heightened tension, there are very few moments

BRAVE NEW JERSEY: An Endlessly Endearing Slice Of Americana

Brave New Jersey is a fictional yet charming look at the aftereffects of Orson Welles' famous War of the Worlds broadcast on a small