Monday, February 19, 2018
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Mad to Be Normal, starring David Tennant as the controversial


While Dear Dictator's premise, a young girl being a pen


The Post is about the true story behind one of the most important news stories during the Vietnam War. The Post covers the events

In Game Night, a new Netflix film, a group of friends attend a game night and find themselves investigating an actual murder mystery.

The Mercy is the latest in a long line of esteemed British biopics, but this one leaves behind tidy interiors for the fury of the

Embrace the silliness or get out of the way of Rampage, because this monster movie isn't claiming to be anything more than a good time.

John Krasinski takes a sharp turn with his third directorial feature, leaving behind quirky indies and heading straight for horror with A Quiet Place.

The Death Cure is the finale for the Maze Runner films, and it promises to be more action-heavy than its predecessor, The Scorch Trials.

You'll be forgiven for not realizing The New Mutants is an X-Men movie. The trailer is drenched in horror, and mutant abilities are scarce.

Reigning stop-motion animation king Nick Park is bringing us Early Man, and the film is up to the same tricks that made Wallace and Gromit household