CERTAIN WOMEN: The Sheer Spectacle Of Living

CERTAIN WOMEN: The Sheer Spectacle Of Living
source: IFC FIlms

With Certain Women, director Kelly Reichardt has created one of the most human cinematic universes in recent memory.

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Attributing his entire existence to Laura Dern, Spencer knows all about Midwestern living. Hopping between Illinois and Ohio throughout his life, he currently resides in Muncie, IN as he finishes up his Master's in Communication (with a specific focus on Queer Media) at Ball State University. In his spare time, Spencer moonlights as a local Muncie movie theater employee and (not so) professional television and film junkie. A friend recently said to him, "Wow, you sure do watch a lot of TV." And it's true. That said, if you bring up Carly Rae Jepsen in casual conversation, your ear will be talked off.