The D Train

From a world where Jack Black is relatively normal and James Marsden looks like Satan, comes the preposterously titled The D Train. Dan Landsman (Black) yearns to be popular despite his best years being behind him. Knowing this, he seeks former school mate Oliver Lawless (Marsden), who has gained some minor fame by appearing in a Banana Boat ad. Landsman’s plan is to get Lawless to attend their class reunion and by association gain popularity. As with the best laid plans, this one goes astray when Lawless usurps authority and takes over Dan’s life.

The D Train is directed by Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul. In addition to the above, it also features talent from Jeffrey Tambor and Kathyn Hahn. You can look forward for its full release on May 8th 2015. There are currently no international release dates known.

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