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Personal Shopper stars Kristen Stewart as a young woman caught up in the grief and intrigue of her twin’s death.

Olivier Assayas again picked Kristen Stewart to headline his film, but the parallels end there as Personal Shopper looks to be in a whole different arena than their previous film, Clouds of Sils Maria.

If anything, the casting is less noteworthy than it was in Clouds, where Stewart and Juliette Binoche were intentionally there to comment upon their public personas. Personal Shopper veers away from that kind of industry examination and straight into horror, with Stewart as a young woman caught up in the grief and intrigue of her twin’s death.

Apparently, she and her twin had an agreement to reach out from the afterlife if one of them were to die, and from the look of the trailer, the twin doesn’t come back as expected. Unless, of course, the twin was a terrifying person who went bump in the night all the time, but why would you ask that person kind of person to haunt you?

source: IFC Films

Personal Shopper seems primed to question the sanity of Stewart’s character, particularly in regards to the paranormal events that have very real consequences. Assayas proved that he’s willing to go quite far into the aching head of his main character with Clouds, and the horror elements of Personal Shopper should allow him to bring that skill to the stylish forefront.

Personal Shopper is directed by Olivier Assayas and stars Kristen Stewart, Lars Eidinger, and Sigrid Bouaziz. It will be released in the U.S. on March 10th, 2017 and in the U.K. on March 17th, 2017. For international release dates, click here.

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