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Proud Mary is an upcoming action-thriller directed by Babak Najafi, starring Taraji P. Henson as a badass deadly assassin.

Proud Mary is an upcoming action film by Babak Najafi, starring Taraji P. Henson as a deadly assassin named, you guessed it, Mary. This first look at Proud Mary presents the film as a blaxploitation film featuring lots of action and car chases in the mold of Taken, John Wick, Atomic Blonde and Baby Driver. For now, not much is known about the plot however this trailer looks promising.

It’s good to see Taraji P. Henson get an opportunity to have fun as the badass we’ve known her to be ever since the first season of the Fox TV hit series Empire. It’s even better to see Henson has a producing credit on this, just like Charlize Theron on Atomic Blonde. In the current discussion about women in film it is often said there are not enough opportunities, which is why it’s positive to see actresses of this caliber using their clout to get films like this made.


source: Sony Pictures

Proud Mary is directed by Babak Najafi and stars Taraji P. Henson, Xander Berkeley, Danny Glover, Neal McDonough and Jahi Di’Allo Winston. It will be released in the U.K. on February 2nd, 2018 and in the U.S. on January 12th, 2018. For international release dates, click here.

Who do you think would come out on top in a showdown between Loretha “Cookie” Lyon and Proud Mary? Let us know in the comments!

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