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It's just


It’s just…just so stupid. Even then it might be worth a viewing. I’ll get straight to what it is: a B-movie. It has the colossally stupid gimmick, bikini girls and lame jokes. This is the movie you watch when you want to waste about an hour and a half of your life. That being said I won’t even go into the plot because you can probably guess using only 3 tries. Maybe less. In an effort to give you an idea of the kind of content you can expect from this movie, their tagline is “They’ll dam you to hell!” I’ll just come right out and say…that…takes real commitment…to a incredibly stupid idea. Back to the whiskey!

Zombeavers is directed by Jordan Rubin and stars Courtney Palm and Rachel Melvin. Other notable players in this film include Bill Burr and John Mayer. This comedy/horror flick comes to theaters March 20th 2015. It’s pretty much viewed everywhere else.

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