Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Alex Arabian is a film critic, journalist, and freelance filmmaker. His work has been featured in the San Francisco Examiner,, and His favorite film is Edward Scissorhands. It goes without saying that not all films are good, per se, but he believes that he owes the artists contributing to the medium film analyses that are insightful, well-informed, and respectful to craft. Check out more of his work on!

Curbing The Hollywood Male Tradition (Listen To Women)

In this in-depth analysis of the revelations of abuse of women in Hollywood, we consider how we got here, and what we can do.

Renaissance Woman & EMIFF Founder & Director Sandra Seeling Lipski Talks All Things Film

We spoke with Sandra Seeling Lipski, founder of the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival, just before its 6th opening this week!

AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL: An Inconvenient Distribution Strategy, A Powerful Plea

An Inconvenient Sequel may struggle narratively, but its message about coming together to battle climate change is as important as ever.

THE BACHELORS: A Thoughtful, Timely Gem That Normalizes Mental Health Treatment

The Bachelors is a scarcity of a film, one that transcends several genres to create an affecting orotundity through its singular voice.

Paul Haggis

Alex Arabian spoke with Paul Haggis, writer of Oscar winning films such as Crash and Million Dollar Baby, and honoree of EMIFF.

WALKING OUT: Bomer & Wiggins Commit To A Simplistic Script With Vast Depth

Walking Out, by the Smith twins, is an unrelenting and beautifully shot story of a father and son surviving in the brutal Montana wilderness.

Tom Hughes Gets Candid About REALIVE, Its Themes & His Career

Alex Arabian spoke with Tom Hughes about new film REALIVE, his excitement about the film, and his desire to keep finding challenging roles.

LUCKY: A Love Letter To The Late, Great Harry Dean Stanton

Lucky is the unfortunate but beautiful swan song of Stanton, one that truly earns the oft overused phrase, "the performance of a lifetime."

REALIVE: A Sprawling Sci-Fi Epic About Mortality, Morality & Memory

With heartfelt performances, and alarmingly relevant, thought-provoking themes, Realive marks Syfy Films' arrival to the silver screen.

STRONGER: An Interview With Jake Gyllenhaal

Alex Arabian attended a private screening and Q&A of Stronger. This is the video and transcription of the interesting talk with Jake Gyllenhaal.