Tuesday, June 19th, 2018
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Alex Arabian is a film critic, journalist, and freelance filmmaker. His work has been featured in the San Francisco Examiner, AwardsCircuit.com, and PopMatters.com. His favorite film is Edward Scissorhands. It goes without saying that not all films are good, per se, but he believes that he owes the artists contributing to the medium film analyses that are insightful, well-informed, and respectful to craft. Check out more of his work on makingacinephile.com!

Interview With T Cooper, Writer & Director Of MAN MADE

Alex Arabian spoke with T Cooper, writer and director of the documentary Man Made, which focuses on the subject of trans men bodybuilding.

COUNTERFEITERS: An Auspicious Debut From Bryce Hirschberg

Sometimes a film's low budget can get in the way of its narrative, cohesiveness, and overall watchability. However, viewers won't be disappointed with Counterfeiters

SFIFF Review: A KID LIKE JAKE: Parsons & Danes Impress In This Family Drama

A Kid Like Jake succeeds on behalf of Howard's confident direction, Pearle's sharp-witted and empathetic script, and two outstanding performances from Danes and Parsons.

Interview With Paul Schrader, Writer & Director Of FIRST REFORMED

We were able to talk with the great Paul Schrader, director and writer of the upcoming film First Reformed, out on May 18th.


Alex Arabian had the chance to sit down with Ron Livingston and talk about the making of Tully and his collaboration with Charlize Theron

HUMOR ME: Clement & Gould Carry This Light Comedy On Their Shoulders

Thanks to the funny and occasionally moving performances of Gould and Clement and a confident feature film debut from Hoffman, Humor Me qualifies as

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR: Thanos Devastates The MCU In This Thrilling Penultimate Entry

Believe the hype. Avengers: Infinity War begins to close the portal to Marvel Studios' three phases in an extravagant fashion, serving as a prime


With exceptional performances from Hill, Phoenix, Mara, and Black, an inventive score from Elfman, spasmodically calculated direction by Van Sant, and an incredible true

SFIFF Review: LES GARDIENNES: Patience Is A Virtue With This Molasses-Paced Chef D'Oeuvre

Les Gardiennes is another gracefully-directed film by Beauvois, and it gifts the audience with another perfect arrangement from Legrand, three gripping performances from Smet,

SFIFF Review: SORRY TO BOTHER YOU: Purely Imaginative, Entirely Original, Wholly Entertaining

Sorry To Bother You is an intelligent, batshit crazy satire that offers plenty of the theater of the absurd, a standout performance from Lakeith