Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Works on the sports desk of a national UK newspaper. Also writes graphic novels and a regularly-updated film blog (As Human As The Rest Of Us). He lives by the sea in south-east England, with his wife, kids and cats. Follow him on Twitter @andywinter1

JUPITER'S MOON: Muddled Messiah Tale Has Its Moments

A frenetic, fantastical but frustrating piece of work, Jupiter's Moon will be remembered not for its rather woolly handling of serious subject matter, but

MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND: A powerful, provocative take on the immigrant experience

Ana Asensio's directorial debut, Most Beautiful Island, is an intimate view of the immigrant experience not as social realist drama or romantic comedy, but

The Fright Stuff: Interview with Paul Cotgrove, director of the UK's Horror-on-Sea film festival

Paul Cotgrove's Horror on Sea festival is championed by up and coming genre filmmakers across the world. Film Inquiry met with Paul to find

FÉLICITÉ: Alain Gomis’s paean to Ferocious Womanhood is Fascinating but Frustrating

Félicité contains some of the most powerful moments of any movie this year, yet never quite amounts to the sum of its impressive parts.

ANGELICA: An Absorbing and Unusual Victorian Ghost Story

It may have been sat on the shelf for three years, but Angelica is worth the wait- a slow burning period piece that's quietly


Despite a strong premise, The Unraveling is a film that doesn't quite go to that dark place that it should, with poor writing and