Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Arlin is originally from Chicago, IL and currently resides in Oakland, CA. Receiving his BA in Film Studies in 2010, he is a failed rapper who works in film distribution. Among his non-cinematic interests are biking, playing basketball, record collecting, and breakfast cereal. He is still processing the new season of Twin Peaks and hopes one day that the world recognizes the many values of the Siesta system.

SALT AND FIRE: An Enthralling Treatise On The Environment & Truth

Salt and Fire is an alluringly ambiguous environmental thriller by Werner Herzog, featuring purposefully stilted and brilliant performances.

The Best Documentaries Of 2016

We've put together a list of the best documentaries of 2016 - a tough task as the quality of documentaries was high throughout the

Where The Holocaust Film Is The Most Lighthearted: 2017's Oscar Nominated Documentary Short Films

For the documentary short film section, The Academy mostly nominated shorts about the refugee crisis that attempt to humanize the victims.

MYRTLE BEACH: We've Done This Dance Before, But It's A Dance I Enjoy

Myrtle Beach takes a look at working class people within the predominantly conservative city, painting them in an empathetic, relatable light.

Interview With KEDI Director Ceyda Torun

We spoke with Ceyda Torun, the director of KEDI - a feel-good documentary about the cats in Istanbul - about cats and "positive terrorism"

KEDI: The Film We All Need

Kedi is a joyful documentary that features the cats in Istanbul, Turkey, and the special connection they have with the city's humans.

I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO: A Serious Film For Serious Times

I Am Not Your Negro is a documentary based on the works of activist James Baldwin, and is overall a powerful examination of race

OFF THE RAILS: A Moving Ride On the Tracks Of A Troubled Life

The documentary Off The Rails tells the unusual story of a man with Asperger's whose extreme love for transit has landed him in jail

SAVING MES AYNAK: Making Archaeology Harrowing

Saving Mes Aynak's central figure, Qadir Temori, is an Afghan archaeologist more Don Quixote than Indiana Jones, fighting forces from all sides threatening to

The Lovers & The Despot: When a Documentary Is Outshined By Its Subject

When we think of documentaries about North Korea, it is usually with an eye toward illuminating what to this day remains cloaked in self-imposed