Friday, June 22nd, 2018
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Chris is a B.A.H. graduate with a concentration in pre-19th century literature from Memorial University of Newfoundland. His short stories have been published in The Cuffer Anthology Volumes VI & VII, as well as upcoming stories in new anthologies from Centum Press (One Hundred Voices & One Hundred Voices Pt. II) and Science Fiction Reader. A short screenplay of his titled "New Woman" is currently being produced, to be shot in 2017; it is a female-led dramatic horror, a period piece set in 1888.

CAMERA OBSCURA: A Snapshot Of War's Lingering Horror

Camera Obscura is a terrifying glimpse at PTSD, seen through the eyes of a war photographer who comes home and starts to see grisly

Nadja Bobyleva Discusses Her First Foray Into Horror With CAMERA OBSCURA

In this interview with Camera Obscura actress Nadja Bobyleva, we discuss what's different about playing in a horror film over other genres.

WAKEFIELD: A Man Plays Voyeur To His Own Failures

Wakefield is an introspective and interesting examination into a man who willingly decides to isolate himself from his family and the world.

THE BLACK ROOM: Horrifying For All The Wrong Reasons

With poor direction, effects and performances across the board, The Black Room is unbearably difficult to sit and watch.

DIG TWO GRAVES: A Visually Stunning Southern Gothic Nightmare

Dig Two Graves is a visually stunning low budget Gothic thriller, which is effectively surreal and compelling.

MEAN DREAMS Exemplifies The Power of Good Storytelling & Bill Paxton

For a story we’ve seen over and over, Mean Dreams, Bill Paxton's last film, is compelling, refusing to take the usual narrative routes.

THE DAUGHTER: When Truths Hurt Worse Than Lies

The Daughter is a film about a family in Australia who suddenly uncover a buried secret; it is an effectively wrought, tension-filled drama.

A Debut Full Of Aesthetic & Character: Interview With FRANK & LOLA Director-Writer Matthew Ross

We caught up with writer/director Matthew Ross, about his terrific debut film Frank & Lola, starring Michael Shannon and Imogen Poots.

SUGAR MOUNTAIN: Finding The Heart Of Deceit

Sugar Mountain is a dark thriller about life in small-town America; with fine character acting and tension building, it's a unique hit.

FRANK & LOLA: Soul Affirming Neon Noir

Frank & Lola is an original look at a romantic relationship affected by past sexual abuse, and is presented in a mezmorizing noir tone.