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CHRIS WATT is a screenwriter, novelist and film critic. A graduate of the University of Northumbria in Newcastle, Watt has contributed reviews and articles to FLICKFEAST, SHOW THE SHARK, DEATH BY MOVIES and THE BEARD EMPORIUM and was formerly the Senior Film Critic for WATCH THIS SPACE FILM MAGAZINE. His screenplay, MANIFEST, was produced and released by Charlatan Films in 2015. He was shortlisted in 2014, for the Shore Scripts Short Screenplay Competition, for his screenplay EVEN GOD GETS MAD IN THE TEMPLE. His first novel, PEER PRESSURE, was published in 2012. You can follow his word based ramblings at his site: https://thechriswatt.wordpress.com/ and on twitter @thechriswatt Watt lives and works in the North-East of Scotland.

Crossing Borders: The 7 Films Of Femme Frontera Filmaker Showcase 2017

There are seven remarkable films at the heart of Femme Frontera, a short film showcase that runs at the Echo Park Film Center in Los

Femme Frontera: An Interview With Writer/Director Angie Reza Tures

Chris Watt spoke with Angie Reza Tures, the director of the Femme Frontera Filmmaker Showcase, a celebration of women filmmakers from the U.S.-Mexico border,

RITA, SUE AND BOB TOO At 30: Strange Bedfellows In '80s Britain

Thirty years on, Alan Clarke's fitfully funny film, Rita, Sue and Bob Too, still holds up as a first-rate character study and resonant critique

WHISKY GALORE!: From Ship To Bore

A remake of the Ealing classic, Whisky Galore! has its share of laughs, but its hard to tell just who or for what purpose

The Beginner's Guide: Wes Anderson, Director

One of the true auteurs of cinema working today, Wes Anderson has become distinguished for his uniquely visual, quirky character-driven films.

THE FIFTH ELEMENT: Have 20 Years Been Kind To Luc Besson's Schizophrenic Sci-fi?

The Fifth Element 20 years later: it's still the packed with resplendent imagery, inventive art direction, and some well edited set pieces.