Saturday, February 24, 2018
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WONDER WOMAN Missed A Huge Opportunity

While much of Wonder Woman was a success, the last ten minutes of the film became a lost opportunity for stronger and deeper meaning.

OKJA: Charm & Quirkiness Allow For An Unexpectedly Powerful Message

We're addressing what other people are saying about Okja - in particular, its most common criticisms, and why they’re wrong.

MEGAN LEAVEY: Not The Sappy Dog Movie You Think It Is

Megan Leavey's delivers a good story, almost making up for its lack of focus and unwillingness to commit to its main storyline.

THE WALL: Held Up By An Outstanding Ending

The Wall has a kick-ass ending worth shouting about- it's just a shame the journey there is significantly less interesting.

SLEIGHT: Strong themes Shine Through Its Frustrating Plot

Sleight offers great commentary about the lack of opportunities for minority communities - yet ironically never lets its hero use his powers.

GOING IN STYLE Stumbles Over Its Refusal To Pick A Genre

Going in Style from Zach Braff is a forgettable film that stumbles through genres while seemingly wasting its timeless cast.

AMERICAN FABLE: Almost Magical Enough To Achieve Its Ambitions

American Fable doesn't quite strike all the right chords, lacking just one spark that might have turned this movie into a lasting cult classic.

LIFE: Shortsighted Characters Alienate The Viewer From A Gripping Story

Life certainly nails its big moments, but it's frustrating that what could have been a memorable classic handicapped itself with hapless characters.

THE BELKO EXPERIMENT: A Lack Of Experimentation Makes For A Forgettable, Shallow Movie

The Belko Experiment did nothing to set itself apart, putting unremarkable characters in a mundane setting, in a story we've seen before.

COLLIDE: Did They Even Try To Make It Good?

Collide is a film that has talent in front of the camera, but they're wasted through strings of mindless action and laughably poor dialogue.