Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Jacqui is an American/British filmmaker/photographer who just thoroughly enjoys studying and writing about cinema. She's currently working on her PhD in film and spends her spare time organising the Drunken Film Festival in Bradford.

Are We Sanitizing Abuse? A Look at Age Disparity in Hollywood Casting

In this era of allegations of sexual misconduct, many have started to question the status quo. However, as with any problem as complex as

Our Batman: How Adam West Took On Pop Culture

Jacqui Griffin remembers the late Adam West - the heroic, wacky and nostalgic actor whose career and look-on-life transcended generations.

The Beginner's Guide: David Cronenberg, Director

In this beginner's guide, we discuss David Cronenberg's work - an influential director who is particularly known for his body horror films.


In this film theory piece, we discuss auteur theory, the film theory that states the director is the supreme reigning artist of their work.

Staff Inquiry: Our Favorite Years Of Cinema

Most films follow a straightforward style of editing, yet here are 10 that chose to break the mold, and were successful in doing so.

From Filmmaker To Film Festival Director: An Insider's Guide

As readers may or may not know, I took a break from writing these past few months as I was running my first ever

An Epileptic's Cinematic Journey: Films From My Perspective

As the title indicates, I have epilepsy. If you ran into me on the street, it's not something you'd be able to tell about

Deborah Kampmeier

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down (via Skype) with director Deborah Kampmeier after a special preview screening of her newest film, SPLit.


Some of you may have come across Helene "Leni" Riefenstahl, so I hope you'll forgive the introduction for those who haven't. Born in 1902 in Berlin,

The Dressmaker LGBT

Much attention has been drawn to Hollywood of late, and several condemnations of its practises issued. While the recent #OscarsSoWhite kerfuffle is certainly indicative