Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Director/Writer/Producer at Starseed Pictures and host of the Miss Vision podcast, Jacqui Blue is a Los Angeles based artist and filmmaker with a background in writing and theater.

The Atoning is an unoriginal, predictable, and underwhelming independent horror film, nothing you haven't seen before but done much better.

SECOND NATURE: Welcome To A Topsy-Turvy World Where Women Rule

Second Nature is a feel good goofy date night comedy that takes a poke at gender roles and has a fun cast of characters

SIDEMEN: LONG ROAD TO GLORY: A History of the American Blues

Sidemen is a lovingly crafted documentary telling the history of 3 underappreciated musicians, and helps keep the spirit of the blues alive.

TURN IT AROUND: THE STORY OF EAST BAY PUNK: A Lesson In Punk Rock History On Gilman Street

Turn It Around is a nostalgia piece for those who lived it, a film for the fans to enjoy and a tribute to the

RIPPED: The Tale of Two Time Traveling Pot Heads and Their Chilli Pot

The unoriginal, uninspired premise of stoner comedy Ripped is partially saved by the dedication of the two lead actors.

FROM HOLLYWOOD TO ROSE: A Quirky And Absurdly Charming Late Night Adventure Through Los Angeles

From Hollywood to Rose is a perfectly unpolished little gem that draws you in without you even realizing it until the end.

I AM HEATH LEDGER: An Intimate Look At the Actor Through His Own Eyes

I Am Heath Ledger is a deeply intimate look at the late actor, but fails to ask important questions about the man behind the

HEARING IS BELIEVING: The Story Of A Blind Teenage Musician

It may not be one of the most technically efficient documentaries ever made, but Hearing is Believing is certainly one of the most heartfelt.

THE WEDDING INVITATION: Furiously Funny Female Driven Rom-Com

Rainy Kerwin's debut film The Wedding Invitation is a well done romantic comedy with a strong story executed by a strong female cast.

ANNIE WAITS: Stuck At the Intersection Between Life & Relationships

Annie Waits is a well-made short comedy that explores strong themes of young identity and love.