Tuesday, June 19th, 2018
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Laura is a proud editor and writer at Film Inquiry. She great at losing her glasses and is always game to re-watch episodes of The Office. The two are not mutually exclusive.

MY FRIEND DAHMER: Home is Where The Heart Is - A Murderino's Take

As I flip through my senior year high school yearbook, I see the familiar faces of my former classmates, all of us caught in

A Life Unseen: Interview with HOLD ME DOWN director Niclas Gillis and actress Tanisha Adams

We were able to talk with Niclas Gillis and Tanisha Lambright, the director and star of the short film drama Hold Me Down, which

Interview With Sean Meehan, Director Of LOST FACE

We spoke with Sean Meehan, director of short film Lost Face, based on a Jack London short story, set in frozen mid-1800’s Russian-America.

53rd Chicago International Film Festival Report

At the 53rd Chicago International Film Festival, writer Laura Birnbaum recalls the wonderful films she was able to see.

47 METERS DOWN: We're Gunna Need A Better Script

47 Meters Down is a total shark sandwich of a film, that will leave every audience member wishing they were watching Jaws instead.

MOKA: Motherhood, Grief & Revenge

Moka is a French slow burning drama that occasionally conjures some suspense, which makes it fascinating in its own way.

Chicago Critics Film Festival 2017: Diary Of A Film Critic

Laura Birnbaum reviews films seen at the 2017 Chicago Critics Film Festival, including The Little Hours, Berlin Syndrome, and La Barracuda.

Let's Decipher VERTIGO: Myth & Legend (Video)

In episode two of our Youtube series, Decipher, we explore the myths and legends that connect to Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo.

Introducing A New Film Inquiry YouTube Video Series: DECIPHER

Introducing the new Film Inquiry YouTube video series Decipher, with Laura Birnbaum, where we will be using history, literature, art, and film to translate

FEAR ITSELF: A Half-Hearted Exploration Into A Fascinating Subject

Fear Itself is a series of montages of famous horror films, though it misses out on probing just why we are fascinated by being