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Laura is a proud editor and film critic for Film Inquiry. If you talk to her about cigars or movies, you will forever be her favorite. Letterboxd:

Interview With Sean Meehan, Director Of LOST FACE

We spoke with Sean Meehan, director of short film Lost Face, based on a Jack London short story, set in frozen mid-1800’s Russian-America.

53rd Chicago International Film Festival Report

At the 53rd Chicago International Film Festival, writer Laura Birnbaum recalls the wonderful films she was able to see.

47 METERS DOWN: We're Gunna Need A Better Script

47 Meters Down is a total shark sandwich of a film, that will leave every audience member wishing they were watching Jaws instead.

MOKA: Motherhood, Grief & Revenge

Moka is a French slow burning drama that occasionally conjures some suspense, which makes it fascinating in its own way.

Chicago Critics Film Festival 2017: Diary Of A Film Critic

Laura Birnbaum reviews films seen at the 2017 Chicago Critics Film Festival, including The Little Hours, Berlin Syndrome, and La Barracuda.

Let's Decipher VERTIGO: Myth & Legend (Video)

In episode two of our Youtube series, Decipher, we explore the myths and legends that connect to Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo.

Introducing A New Film Inquiry YouTube Video Series: DECIPHER

Introducing the new Film Inquiry YouTube video series Decipher, with Laura Birnbaum, where we will be using history, literature, art, and film to translate

FEAR ITSELF: A Half-Hearted Exploration Into A Fascinating Subject

Fear Itself is a series of montages of famous horror films, though it misses out on probing just why we are fascinated by being

CLOSET MONSTER: The Queer Film You Need To See

Closet Monster is a movie that fluently balances drama and humor, but the very essence within its message is one of defiant and radical

ELLE: A Complex & Challenging Exploration Into Lurid Territory

Elle faithfully transcribes the original book "Oh