Monday, February 19, 2018
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Nathan decided to take a gap year after completing his A-Levels (Media Studies, English Language & Literature and Drama & Theatre Studies) to gain some journalism and media experience before making the next step. In that time, he has continued to run his blog - PerksOfBeingNath - which is now approaching its second anniversary and crammed in as many cinema visits as humanly possible. Like a parent choosing their favourite child, he refuses to pick a favourite film but admits that it is currently a tight race between Gone Girl and La La Land. Self-admitted novice on cinema of the past and always open to suggestions.

Should Disney Give Into Hackers In Possession of PIRATES 5? Honestly, no.

Nathan Osborne discusses the benefits and theories surrounding his support for Disney's stand on piracy and hackers.

PEOPLE: An Intense And Profound Character Dissection

People is a profoundly packed indie, with the intricacies of the human condition and relationships manifesting into a well-realized film.


In the Shadow of Iris has inklings of greatness, but it suffers from a muddled plot and some questionable casting and production choices.


In the first of a series for 2017, we take a run-down through the box office potential of several high-profile summer movies.

MOST HATED WOMAN IN AMERICA: No Room For Superlatives In Netflix’s Mediocre Biopic

Most Hated Woman In America never quite lives up to the intrigue of the contentious woman and her story at the heart of the