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Ryan has a degree in Film & TV Production. He has written about all things film and TV on his own blog,, for five years. His favourite film is Inception, as it's kind of the one that drew him into cinema in the first place. If you're one of those people who think Christopher Nolan is overrated, he probably doesn't like you. He isn't sorry.

GEOSTORM: Big? Yep. Loud? You Betcha. Dull? Woefully.

Despite big, loud, planet destroying special effects, Geostorm still ends up feeling like a dull, tired excuse for a blockbuster.

THE LIGHT OF THE MOON: A Stunning Foray Into A Sensitive Subject

Feeling both vitally important and imminently personal, The Light of the Moon is as remarkable as its title is poetic - and twice as powerful.

DON'T SLEEP: Tiresome, Yawn-Inducing Horror

You'll find it hard to obey the rules of this film's title when watching, as even the positive elements can't stop Don't Sleep being


The Layover has its moments of humor, but it is bogged down by an unfocused script and overly clichéd characters.

Interview With PILGRIMAGE Director Brendan Muldowney

We were able to talk to Brendan Muldowney, director of the Irish medieval film Pilgrimage, starring Tom Holland.

PILGRIMAGE: A Juxtaposition Of Faith, Fear And Everything In Between

When Pilgrimage learns what kind of film it's trying to be, it'll give you everything you've wanted from it - and maybe more.

THE PERSIAN CONNECTION: A Neon-Drenched, Noir-Soaked Thrill Ride

The Persian Connection is a bold, tense, and thrilling film, even if its thematic reach just exceeds its grasp.

WISH UPON: Seven Wishes, Zero Winners

Wish Upon takes a brilliantly fantastical concept and squanders its potential, relying on cliched characters and lifeless jump scares.

THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE: Doesn't Live Up To Its Own Brilliant Premise

The Autopsy of Jane Doe has an absolute doozy of a premise, but it soon gives way to ticking off every horror cliche in

MISS SLOANE: Chastain Shines Again In This Tense Political Thriller

Starring Jessica Chastain in one of her best recent roles, Miss Sloane is a triumphant political thriller that only occasionally falters.