Saturday, March 24, 2018
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I'm currently an English Literature grad student, and I love stories! Movies are my favorite thing to write about.

LEATHERFACE: A Dull Beginning for a Great Character

Predictable and boring, Leatherface fails to give viewers and fans of the franchise a gripping, riveting, startling movie on how a serial killer family

LOVER FOR A DAY: An Inviting Romance

If you enjoy French cinema, Lover For a Day won’t disappoint you: with its black and white picture, the dramatic, intricate, sensual love story,


With average performances, a weak script, and a lack of sentiment regarding the treatment of Native Americans, Hostiles isn’t going to make audiences want

COMPLIANCE: Making Us Question Authority

Based on true events, Compliance is a film about the police and following authority - it's compelling, if also extremely disturbing as well.

The Female Body In Film: Rethinking What's Normal

The female body has often been sexualized in mainstream film. It's time we become aware of how it affects the way we think about