Friday, June 22nd, 2018
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Tom is a recent graduate based in the UK, looking to make a career out of writing about entertainment and culture. If he's not watching a film, playing a game or listening to music - don't worry! - he's probably just gone to make a cup of tea. He's never far from a screen. His favourite film is Eddie the Eagle but any film shot in mountains, or anywhere snowy, fills his heart with a little bit of joy.

It’s received a fair amount of negative response for its allegiance to the cinematic canon, but The Yellow Birds is more than the sum of

THE BOOKSHOP: An Adaptation That Flew Too Far From The Sun

Director Isabel Coixet tries to adapt The Bookshop's source material in its entirety - and it feels incoherent told as a narrative feature.

Pitch: The Music of Michael Giacchino

It’s rare that composers adapt themes and pieces, but Michael Giacchino’s bold steps to make everything he composes personal makes him stand out as

TERMINAL: Robbie's Adventures In A (Criminal) Wonderland

Inspired by Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, Terminal is visually and thematically strong, despite its over-simple script and occasional over-acting - all in all a