Saturday, February 24, 2018
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From a young age, I was drawn to films especially the horror and psychological thriller genre. Living in a small town in New Brunswick, Canada, I later fell in love with reviewing and writing about movies. I like to bring my background in Psychology and Religious Studies to my writing and film reviews. Apart from films, I enjoy writing and drawing. However, nothing makes me happier than celebrating Halloween and playing tennis.

ANNABELLE: CREATION: The Conjuring Universe Is Off To A Solid Start

With effective sound design and plenty of earned scares, Annabelle: Creation is another successful entry in the continuing Conjuring saga.

THE BAD BATCH: Wasteland For Interesting Ideas

Lacking substance or exploration of themes, The Bad Batch is a pointless post-apocalyptic, psychedelic trip to nowhere-land.

KIDNAP: Halle Berry Has Hit Rock Bottom

Though with the talented Halle Berry at the helm, Kidnap is a poorly made action thriller that is lacking in story, acting, and execution.

ATOMIC BLONDE: Charlize Theron Is An Action Movie Star

Atomic Blonde may be sloppy in structure, but it is oozing with immaculately executed action and a finely tuned performance by Theron.

KUSO: A Fetish For The Disgusting

Kuso, though visually interesting at times, is ultimately too disgusting to recommend, and seemingly has no purpose behind it.

TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME: Important Prequel To The Twin Peaks Universe

Fire Walk With Me is a bolder, darker look at the Twin Peaks universe, but it is essential in understanding the show's larger themes.

ROUGH NIGHT: Weekend At Bernie's Meets Feminism

Rough Night starts weak- but with a decent amount of laughs and a deconstruction of gender tropes, it soon becomes a breath of fresh

WAR MACHINE: Uneven, Over The Top War Satire

In part due to overly pushy satirical agenda and an awkward performance from Brad Pitt, War Machine is a failed attempt at a modern

SNATCHED: Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn Are Caught In An Unfunny Trainwreck

The Amy Schumer hate train has been gaining momentum as of late. Her hard political speeches and in-your-face feminism have made a lot of

A CURE FOR WELLNESS: Gore Verbinski Doesn't Know The Cure

With an interesting premise & gorgeous visuals, A Cure For Wellness sadly gets bogged down by its 130 minute runtime and poor story delivery.