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From a young age, I was drawn to films especially the horror and psychological thriller genre. Living in a small town in New Brunswick, Canada, I later fell in love with reviewing and writing about movies. I like to bring my background in Psychology and Religious Studies to my writing and film reviews. Apart from films, I enjoy writing and drawing. However, nothing makes me happier than celebrating Halloween and playing tennis.

COLD NOVEMBER: Heartwarming Female-Centric Coming-Of-Age

It doesn’t always manages to keep your attention, but when Jacob’s inspired cinematography and the cast's strong acting appear on screen, Cold November demands

TRUTH OR DARE: I Dare You To Skip

Truth Or Dare has nothing to offer to horror fans with its bland characters and uninspired concept. The only way you should be seeing


The Insidious franchise has quietly grown to be one of the most impressive and contemporary horror- and Insidious: The Last Key is another solid

MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS: Losing Steam To The Big Screen

Though containing some elegant set design and impressive cinematography, Murder on the Orient Express can’t quite intrigue you to the potential that it could’ve,

SUBURBICON: Fake Smiles & Stale Cookies Doesn't Always Win You Over

Suburbicon is a somewhat effective thriller that unfortunately squanders its potential at being a deeper film about racial tension.

HAPPY DEATH DAY: Scream Meets Groundhog Day Is A Surprise Party

Happy Death Day is a fun slasher film that likens back to the slasher days of old, albeit with a Groundhog Day twist.

SAW VI: Back To Basics Leads To Redemption

Surprisingly, Saw VI seems to have learned from previous entries; with a plot of its own, it manages to be the stand out of

SAW V: A Disconnected And Painful Overkill

With Saw V, the Saw franchise firmly waved goodbye to logic, with plot contrivances that make the film closer to sci-fi than horror.

SAW IV: An Unaware Parody Of Itself

Saw IV goes even bigger than its predecessors, but with the loss of the franchise's main writer, the story loses much of its oomph.

SAW III: Too Many Flaws To Warrant Forgiveness

Despite its great practical effects, the once compelling twists have now become overdone in Saw III and are not as shocking as they once