Friday, April 20, 2018
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Interview With Sam Keeley, Star Of THE CURED

We had a chance to speak with Sam Keeley, star of the upcoming horror film The Cured. We spoke about his career, his influences,


What Sanctuary shows is that a film can come from humble beginnings and a small budget but can have a big outcome on society.


"[It] should be the norm that we’re just casting across the board all kinds of different people, because that’s how our world looks" -

"It's Hard To Go Back To Critiquing Movies That Aren't Any Good": A Conversation With Film Journalist and Filmmaker Neville Pierce

We were able to talk with Neville Pierce, film journalist turned filmmaker, director of the short films Lock In, Ghosted, and Bricks.

Interview With Brandon Christensen, Director Of STILL/BORN

Still/Born is able to successfully convey its material in large part due to the powerful performance of Christie Burke. We were able to speak

Interview With James Fanizza, Actor/Director/Producer/ Writer Of SEBASTIAN

We were able to talk with James Fanizza; writer, director, producer and star of the film Sebastian, now available to rent and buy digitally

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