The Catholic Church is on trial again in Created Equal, a legal drama that escalates into an all-out thriller as passions run high and no one backs down.

Based on the novel of the same name by Roger A. Brown, the film follows a nun suing to become a priest and the young lawyer who helps her fight for something larger than he ever imagined. It’s faith, tradition, and equal rights all knocking against each other, so you know there won’t be an easy path for anyone involved.

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The film has had a strong festival run, racking up awards and nominations for its cast and director. That’s hardly a surprise once you start glancing through the names involved, with industry stalwarts like Lou Diamond Phillips and Gregory Alan Williams supporting up-and-comers Aaron Tveit and Edy Ganem.

Helming the project is Bill Duke, who has some experience with films about the Catholic Church thanks to Sister Act 2, even if that was a decidedly more lighthearted affair. He’s got a huge range of credits in addition to that film, which means he should be able to handle Created Equal’s various elements.

The film promises a loaded story with several twists and turns, but the people behind it are worth putting your faith in.

Created Equal is directed by Bill Duke and stars Lou Diamond PhillipsAaron Tveit, and Edy Ganem. Release dates are not currently known.

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