Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Becky spends her days working in TV and she spends every other minute writing about cinema, TV & feminism. Based in London, she also likes drinking gin, re-watching 'The X Files' and writing about on-screen representation and all manner of things over at


The opening of Trey Edward Shults’ Krisha is intense. A few seconds in, we are staring eye to eye with Krisha, the titular character (Krisha

A Bigger Splash

A remake of the 1969 Italian-French film La Piscine and partly inspired by David Hockney’s ‘Swimming Pool’ painting, A Bigger Splash is the fourth feature film

3 ½ Minutes, 10 Bullets

On November 23rd 2012, 17 year old Jordan Davis was shot dead inside a friends car at a gas station. He was shot by

The Falling

The Falling, the first drama feature by critically acclaimed director Carol Morley, went largely unnoticed on its general release. Despite collecting high praise from

Addicted to Sheep

In the very North of England, settled into the cinematic hillside of the North Pennines, there lives a family of sheep farmers. Amongst the

Alien Ripley

By its nature, sci-fi is a genre of revolution. The fantastical elements (time travel, dystopian future setting or parallel worlds) allow the genre a


Suffragette has been grabbing the attention of the media and public long before it was even released. First, there were rumours that there were to

A Syrian Love Story

A Syrian Love Story is the latest investigative documentary from award winning filmmaker-journalist Sean McCallister. Renowned for his hard-hitting documentaries which go further than others

Spike Jonze

Producer, Director, Writer, Actor. These are just some of the labels one could attribute to Spike Jonze. Absurd, surreal, unique and diverse are just

Carol London Film Festival

This year there are 238 films, from 57 different countries showing at the 59th BFI London Film Festival. A star-studded event which draws crowds