AS I OPEN MY EYES: Not Your Average 'Coming Of Age' Film

AS I OPEN MY EYES: Not Your Average ‘Coming Of Age’ Film

Leyla Bouzid’s French-Tunisian drama goes above and beyond the traditional coming of age story, using one girl’s journey to adulthood to explore politics, revolution and state sanctioned violence. As I Open My Eyes, gaining international attention for its portrayal of the Arab Spring, seeks to tackle such a prominent and life altering event through the eyes of its young protagonist: Farah.

CHEVALIER: A Farcical Take On Modern Masculinity

CHEVALIER: An Absurdist Take On Modern Masculinity

Chevalier is the uncomplicated story of six men on a diving expedition in the Aegean sea, and how their competitiveness is almost the undoing of all of them. Named as Best Film at the London Film Festival in 2015, it is an extraordinary film and one that is unmissable for anyone who enjoys a deeply disturbing comedy. Despite having no female characters,  Athina Rachel Tsangari’s Greek comedy   speaks from an authoritative feminist voice, forcing hyper-masculinity under the microscope with hysterical consequences.

PARCHED: A Story Of Freedom And Friendship

PARCHED: A Story Of Freedom And Friendship

In the beautiful desert landscape of Gujarat, India, director Leena Yadav introduces us to a world of friendship, suffering and heartbreak within a story of four women, trying their best to overcome their individual struggles. Parched explores the ideas of tradition, culture and misogyny in the heart of rural India but with a compelling characters and strong friendships that feel universal to us all. Tradition & Culture The story centers around four women: