Saturday, July 21st, 2018
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Zoe Crombie is a Film Studies student from Lancaster University, who has been writing for Film Inquiry since May 2018 as well as at her own site Obsess Reviews. She is a big fan of Studio Ghibli and The Marx Brothers, but is willing to watch anything and everything.

We were able to talk with Milda Baginskaite and Martha Binns, director and star respectively, of the short sci-fi drama 7 Planets, about the

US AND THEM: A Simplistic, Touching, And Beautiful Movie

Us and Them is an extraordinarily impressive directorial debut from Rene Liu that will leave you contemplating the best and worst of romance.

DADDY ISSUES: A Bittersweet and Sexual Coming Of Age

Certainly not perfect but a very interesting watch, Cash's debut feature film is a well-executed musing on family, sexuality, and the Electra Complex.

SPIDARLINGS: An Incoherent Camp Experience

Spidarlings is a love letter to a forgotten era of midnight movies - but in 2018, it feels less revolutionary than in their 70's

THE NIGHT OF THE VIRGIN: A Horror Comedy That Isn't Quite Either

With no clever jokes and not enough scares to build any real suspense or fear, The Night of the Virgin falls flat.

ALI'S WEDDING: Sweet-Natured and Sincere Comedy

Ali's Wedding is an unabashed presentation of a Muslim love story that feels both brave and necessary.

SUSU: A Flawed But Interesting Examination Of Orientalism

Whilst not always smoothly or coherently told through the performances and screenplay, Susu is a slightly confused movie with a distinct point to make.

THE JURASSIC GAMES: Less Than The Sum Of Its Many, Many Parts

Despite its absurd concept lending itself to occasional entertaining satire, The Jurassic Games suffers from poor visuals, bland cinematography, and poorly developed stereotypical characters.

The Beginner's Guide: Fifth Generation Chinese Cinema

While 'Fifth Generation Chinese Cinema' technically refers to the films produced by the fifth generation of graduates from the Beijing Film Academy following Mao

THE KISSING BOOTH: A Crash Course in Lazy Filmmaking

Compared to other teen classics that have covered the same ground before, The Kissing Booth comes across as amateurish - and a tiny bit