Friday, February 23, 2018
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Pleasantville is still relevant 20 years later: In a time where the American Dream is being redefined, Pleasantville tries to tell us that among

We argue that Lady Bird's Nick Houy should have been nominated for Best Editing for the subtlety of editing that brought script and character

We look back at the wonder women of 2017, the women directors and writers who pushed through barriers in the industry, advancing gender equality

Hazem Fahmy examines The Big Sick and its failure to dive into the complexities and challenges of hybrid, first-generation identity Muslim Americans.

The Last Jedi is a polarizing film, but looking deeper into Rian Johnson's vision you will find some potent themes, including the failures of

We break down this year's weird, surprising, and mostly awesome Oscar nominations and how well they reflect the great films of 2017.

There are seven remarkable films at the heart of Femme Frontera, a short film showcase that runs at the Echo Park Film Center in Los

Chris Watt spoke with Angie Reza Tures, the director of the Femme Frontera Filmmaker Showcase, a celebration of women filmmakers from the U.S.-Mexico border,