Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Adaptation: From Novel To Film

Guest author Judy Sandra advises on how to turn a

Satire for Jocks: The Anti-Fascism of STARSHIP TROOPERS

While over looked and low-browed by critics when first released,


In our latest entry of The Nominated Film You May Have Missed series, we discuss the 1989 Robin Williams drama Dead Poets Society.

Director Luca Guadagnino's three previous films, including critical favourite Call Me By Your Name, couldn't seem any more different from the outside. All three

The Catholic Church and religion in general are often centerpoints for certain films throughout history; Michelle Sabato gives her take on a few of

With the premiere of The Disaster Artist, we examine why films like The Room still have such an enduring status despite being labelled "trash

Both Ed Wood and Tommy Wiseau are renowned for their truly bad movies; two later films attempted to uncover the depth of their enigmatic

Paul Cotgrove's Horror on Sea festival is championed by up and coming genre filmmakers across the world. Film Inquiry met with Paul to find

Everyone here at Film Inquiry has their preferred way of integrating movies into the holiday season, and this month we've decided to share the

Matthew Roe introduces Anarchic Cinema, the beginning of a new series focusing on the evolution of art from the obvious to the complex.