Friday, February 23, 2018
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DONNIE DARKO: Third Theatrical Time Is An Unwavering Charm

Alex Arabian discusses Donnie Darko, a masterpiece that remains one

Take Two: The Beautiful Nightmare That Is David Lynch's ERASERHEAD

Our next installment of Take Two sees us examine David


Cinematographers, or directors of photography (DP's), handle what many think the directors accomplish in their films when it comes to visual techniques and style. However,

Have you ever found yourself loving the bad guy in a movie? Villains come in many different forms, whether it's the combined protagonist/antagonist situation like Mickey and Mallory Knox

The film Ida by Pawel Pawlikowski is admired by critics and viewers around the world. The movie won awards at important international festivals and it

In the last instalment of this series, I examined how British movies would get funded and released when faced with extensive government cuts. Now

Cinematic failures appear in all shapes and sizes; some are critically acclaimed upon release only to become hated months later. Others get shunned by critics

It sounds so easy on paper. Take a successful creative work that already has a large following and put it on the big screen,

Truth be told - I don't watch movie trailers. Other than the occasional advert that happens to cross my path on television while I'm

Under the last government, the UK film council (which supported the funding, production and distribution of British films) was scrapped, as prime minister David