Friday, February 23, 2018
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In this 2nd report, Alex Lines reviews 12 of the films he saw at Melbourne International Film Festival; among them Lemon, Lucky and Insyriated.

Australia Day is a Crash-style drama that contrasts 3 different minorities facing persecution and racism on the backdrop of Australia Day.

Film Inquiry writer Alex Lines was able to sit down and talk with Luca Guadagnino, director of Call My By Your Name and the

Alex Lines reports from the Melbourne International Film Festival and reviews Call Me By Your Name, Wonderstruck, Marlina The Murderer and more!

Dylan Walker attended Edinburgh International Film Festival; he reviews Attraction, Double Date, The Dark Mile and The Last Photograph.

Dylan Walker is attending the Edinburgh International Film Festival and reviews Paris Can Wait, God's Own Country & Bad Day For The Cut.

Editor in Chief Manon de Reeper attended panels about trans people in film, female filmmakers and Queen Sugar at the Los Angeles Film Festival,

Manon de Reeper spoke with MIGHTY GROUND director Delila Vallot about homelessness in Los Angeles and the portrayal of the issue in her film.

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