The Power Of Film Podcast #3: Samantha Shada, Director


In this third episode of The Power of Film, I spoke with the lovely Samantha Shada. She is a director, hosts the screening series Seeking Our Story, and she works at one of the big studios – a busy lady who has a lot of unique insights into the world of film! We spoke about a lot, from film in general and symbolism in film, the status quo of the studio system (and, very interesting, the current state of film marketing) to film preservation.

The Power of Film Podcast #2: Eugene Sun Park, Producer


In this episode of The Power of Film, I had the pleasure of speaking with Eugene Sun Park, who is a producer and experimental filmmaker in Chicago. We got to chat about the Chicago film industry (and how it differs from Hollywood), his production company Full Spectrum Features and supporting filmmakers of all kinds, the film he’s producing and currently crowdfunding, Signature Move, as well as the awkward, awkward moment at the Oscars where Chris Rock brought out three stereotypical Asian American kids, and no one thought to maybe scrap that, beforehand. Upcoming film:

The Power Of Film Podcast Episode 1: Jen McGowan, Director


I’m incredibly proud to bring to you the very first episode of the all new Film Inquiry podcast, THE POWER OF FILM. In an episode of  The Power of Film, I, Manon de Reeper (Editor in Chief of Film Inquiry) will be interviewing someone active in the film industry; filmmakers, directors, producers, actors, screenwriters… You name it!