Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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TOKYO IDOLS: A Glimpse Into A Culture Both Intriguing & Disturbing

Never thought much about Japanese pop idols? Then this disturbing

CHAVELA: A Warm Portrait Of An Extraordinary Woman

Chavela is a documentary that is an introduction to the


Even though he has recently made a switch from being a controversially quirky indie darling to a critically adored awards favourite, David O. Russell’s

Concussion does to the sports film what I was sincerely hoping it would avoid: it dramatizes its subject in such an unbelievable way that it

Let’s be honest, how well do you really know your own finances? Do you keep a budget, evaluate it regularly, and monitor your bank

In the Heart of the Sea was originally supposed to premiere in early 2015, but it was pushed to later in the year at the

The cyclical nature of contemporary pop culture means that for every blockbuster released, a backlash is likely imminent over the course of its opening

Frank Sinatra, whose 100th birthday would have been this December, was one of the great entertainers of the 20th century. He had an exceptional

It's been at least two years now since I first saw Daniel Radcliffe on The Graham Norton Show, sporting the unattractive hair extensions that would define

Is it selfish for adults to demand more from children’s entertainment? Adults have access to a wealth of different mediums of entertainment to enjoy,