Friday, February 23, 2018
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RIFT: Strangers By The Mountain

The accomplished acting, stunning cinematography, and solid direction keeps Rift

Berlinale 2018, Days 3 & 4: Provocation Reigns Supreme

Gus Edgar is covering the Berlinale 2018 and in this


Paperback is a romantic comedy, which isn't terribly funny or romantic, falling flat because it is trying to make you root for the terrible parts

Like the old maxim about waiting all day for a bus only for two to show up at once, out of nowhere two biopics

Chinese-Australian co-production Guardians of the Tomb is one of the most cliched, dull and shamelessly corporate creature features you could possibly imagine.

Small Town Crime delivers the goods with a layered story, enthralling mystery, classic and evocative but innovative action, and a cast and crew devoted

Saturday Church is a story of hope and redemption and yet another "need to see" tale, of a group of people deemed "different" by

Abe & Phil's Last Poker Game boasts a trio of fantastic performances, particularly from Landau in one of his finest turns in his

If you enjoy French cinema, Lover For a Day won’t disappoint you: with its black and white picture, the dramatic, intricate, sensual love story,

From the riotous to the poignant, Sally Potter's The Party taps into the state-of-the-nation with a smart, sharp comedy populated with hilarious characters and